The Full Story

The agency began as a part of the Eastern Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce the Agency a community based organization since its inception. Our efforts began in 1994 when due to economic declines in our area a substantial number of homes were unsold. Many homes remained on the market at that time for as long as six months. Our agency has assisted Baltimore County with its efforts to maintain and strengthen home ownership for the last twenty plus years.

Currently, Eastside's focus is community-building and housing development in Turner Station/Dundalk, an Opportunity Zone that has struggled since the departure of the steel and ship-building from this area. Eastside's primary assignment with its two major partners, Baltimore County and the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development is assisting community members with improving household income strength and credit scores while, concurrently, ensuring that prospective buyers understand their right of fair and equal access to decent, safe sanitary and affordable housing.